Beverage Dispensers in Las Vegas

When having big family gatherings it always difficult keeping up with all the beverages you need for everyone. Usually we just use the water tank we have but when it comes to having juice or any other kinds of drinks they’re always one the counter just waiting to be tipped over, or someone to spill it while trying to pour. Not only is it disorganized but it’s dysfunctional as well.

That’s why for the next family gathering we have, we’ll be using our new premium beverage dispensers 131389from Standard Restaurant Supply. This way, we can have all the drinks out on the counter, where everyone can get to them, but we won’t have to worry about people spilling it, since they can just use the faucet part.

One of my favorite things about this dispenser is that it’s tall enough for even our tallest glasses; no awkward angles when trying to fill them up. Plus both of our beverage dispensers come with labeling, so everyone can know what drink they’re getting.

Come pick yours up at Standard Restaurant Supplies.

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