Plastic Tumblers

Finding the perfect glass for your home, or even your restaurant can sometimes be a challange. In my home I like everything to look classy, and more elegant. But nice elegent glassware, and small children do not go well together.

I found these Cambro tumblers. At Standard Restaurant Supply. They look good for casual dinners, dishwasher safe, and the kids can be as rough as they want, no cracks or breaking. I pull out my fine china when I have guests over, but for everyday dinners, these cups are perfect.

They are perfect for family restaurants too. You’ll have the comfort knowing that you’ll save money buying these. Replacements will be fewer, and less cups will get broken. (Did I mention they were dishwasher safe? Huge plus!)

The ones that I purchased have a small hint of blue in them, so they match perfectly with my dinnerware.

Come on into standard Restaurant Supplies, and let us help you find something for your kitchen restaurant today.

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