Standard Restaurant Supplies – Used Restaurant Equipment

Finding used restaurant equipment in Nevada can be difficult, because nobody really has any. This is no longer the case! Our Las Vegas, Nevada store sells used restaurant equipment! We don’t stock any of it on our show room floor, however, we have it in our other locations. It’s as simple as a phone call and no extra charge to you, we will have our truck bring it in to our location.

We have a huge selection of used reach in refrigerators! Even the brands that you are currently buying new! The True T-49?  We have them used. Beverage-Air KR48-1AS? We have them used.

Here is a list of SOME of the used refrigeration equipment that we have available:

Used Refrigeration Equipment

  • Used reach in refrigerators/freezers
  • Used merchandiser refrigerators/freezers
  • Used blast chillers
  • Used dipping cabinets
  • Used sandwich prep tables
  • Used pizza prep tables
  • Used work top refrigerators/freezers
  • Used Bar Equipment

Aside from used refrigeration equipment, we have scratch & dent refrigeration equipment! Units that are still brand new, but they have a dent on the top, or a scratch on the door. You can save yourself a lot of money if you purchase one of these units. If the unit is not going to be at the front of house, then it pays to get yourself a piece of scratch & dent refrigeration.

Used refrigeration equipment is not the only used equipment that we offer! We have many other categories of used restaurant equipment on our show room floor, here is an example of some of the used equipment that we have available:

Used Cooking Equipment

  • Used Ranges
  • Used Griddles
  • Other used cooking equipment available

Used Counter Top Equipment

  • Used Food Warmers
  • Used Heat Lamps
  • Used Meat Slicers
  • Used Food Slicers
  • Used Dicers
  • Used Counter Top Mixers
  • Other used counter top equipment available

Used Ice Machines

  • Used Scotsman Ice Machines
  • Used Hoshizaki Ice Machines
  • Other used iced machines available

Used Buffet Equipment 

  • Used Buffet Tables
  • Used plate warmers
  • used Plate coolers
  • Used salad bars
  • Used hot food tables
  • Used cold food tables
  • Other used buffet equipment available

Please note that all the used restaurant equipment has been refurbished and has been tested for over 90 hours and confirmed that it is in fact working excellent. We may not have all the items listed above available and any time. We clean/service/and test the used equipment as fast as get it in, so we may or may not have the exact piece you are looking for.

If you are looking for something that you don’t see on the lists above, please give us a call. We have so much used equipment that it would be difficult to put it all on

If you are traveling more than 50 miles to pick up used equipment, please call ahead of time and get an exact description, and even pictures of the piece you are interested in. We really want you to leave a happy customer, so to make sure you are satisfied, we are willing to answer any questions you have about any piece of used restaurant equipment you are interested in.

Next time you are in need for used kitchen equipment, call us or come and visit our store!
5675 S Valley View
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